Advantages of Having a Dual Fire & Security System

June 25 2020

Advantages of Having a Dual Fire & Security System

No matter the scale of your business—whether it’s a single commercial location or a network of campuses—every organization needs a fire alarm system and a security system. When these two services are integrated, they become safer, easier to use, and more cost-efficient in the long run.

Advantages of an Integrated System

There are many advantages to an integrated fire and security system. When considering integrating these services, the main factors to keep in mind are the increased safety measures, ease of use, cost savings, and better management of the overall system.

Increased Safety

Combining the fire alarm system with the security system facilitates a better flow of critical information in order to confirm emergency situations through multiple tools. This helps avoid false alarms and provokes a quicker response time. In order to foster the greatest level of safety and security available, businesses must ensure that each system fits their specific needs before optimizing them to work together.

Ease of Use

An integrated system that is controlled at a single point provides the user with the ability to quickly identify the nature of an emergency and appropriately direct a response. Touch screen functions and incorporated features such as floor plans, security camera footage, and instant messaging capabilities are easy to use and provide access to the entire system in order to pinpoint the incident as quickly as possible.

Cost Savings

Integrating fire and security systems can reduce maintenance and inspection costs by only working with a single life safety services company and reducing the number of service visits throughout the year. Additionally, having a central management location could reduce the need for multiple on-the-ground security guards and surveillance staff.

Better Management System

By integrating systems, operators can monitor the entire system from a single, central location. This enables them to view and record suspicious incidents, verify a potential fire or emergency, and expedite automatic security functions such as locking fire doors or unlocking escape routes during an emergency. A unified central management system also enables system operators to dispatch local authorities as quickly as possible.

Choosing an Integrated Fire and Security System

Choosing an integrated fire and security system can have a great impact not only on maintenance costs but on the efficiency and functionality of your organization’s security features.

If you’re considering integrating your fire and security systems, get in touch with Impact Fire’s dedicated fire and life safety services team to learn more.

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