How Intercom Systems Enhance Commercial Security

February 15 2024

How Intercom Systems Enhance Commercial Security

An intercom is an essential part of any building or business's overall security system. A commercial intercom system helps secure access points, manage entry, and can integrate with other business security systems to provide comprehensive coverage.

Let’s explore what commercial intercoms are, how they work, and uncover some key benefits for businesses searching for effective solutions for entry point security.

What is a Commercial Intercom System?

An intercom system is a two-way communication tool that allows people to talk to each other remotely. The role of this tool is to provide a layer of security and transparency over visitors looking to gain entry to an area. 

Before accessing an area, visitors are required to initiate contact - usually with a front desk employee or security - using the intercom system.  Once access is granted, a remote door opening mechanism unlocks the entryway for the guest. Intercoms are often combined with other security systems like access control for enhanced entryway security

Traditionally, commercial intercom systems consist of two main components:

  • Base Stations: Sometimes called a master station, this is the main component of the intercom and is located near the designated entryway. This is the station visitors use to initiate contact. 
  • Substations: Installed at various locations within the building, these are used to talk with visitors and grant entry.

Modern commercial intercoms leverage technology such as video communication tools and smartphone integration. With smartphone integration, substations are replaced with an app that the user controls — allowing them to grant visitors access from anywhere an Internet connection is available.

Top 4 Benefits of Commercial Intercoms

A commercial intercom system is essential to any business’s overall approach to physical security. As such, they find use in all kinds of industries, including retail, healthcare, and manufacturing, to name a few

To better understand the value of installing an intercom system in your facility, here are a few key benefits.

1. Enhanced Security

Twenty-eight percent of businesses saw an increase in physical security incidents last year. An intercom system is one of the few first lines of defense to prevent these risks. With an intercom system, front desk staff can identify visitors and ask for relevant credentials before they grant entry. Moreover, modern intercoms integrate with other security systems like visitor management systems (VMSs) for advanced insights and coverage. 

When an intercom system is utilized correctly, it can bolster building safety while reducing the need for additional security staff. Instead of a team member at the door screening each individual, access can be granted from a central location across all entry points. This is especially important for businesses that need to deal with large numbers of visitors.

2. Lowered Crime Risk

The world of security threats is constantly getting more complex. While physical and cyber security seem like two ends of the security spectrum, they’re more integrated than ever. Eighty-five percent of cyber security breaches involve a human element. This could be an insider or even a physical breach. To mitigate these risks, an intercom and other security systems are essential.

Additionally, intercom systems not only provide an additional layer of entry security, but they also act as a psychological deterrent. Their presence is an immediate sign to criminals that the building or business takes security seriously.

3. Streamlined Visitor Experience

Security is a prime benefit of an intercom system, but it is far from the only area of improvement a business might value. They also greatly enhance the visitor experience by adding an extra layer of convenience to the entry process, creating a great first impression. Visitors simply press the intercom button, talk with a team member, and gain access. In some systems, advanced AI software can even direct them right to their final destination. 

4. After-Hours Assistance

An intercom system allows a business to remain accessible at all times. With remote access capabilities, employees can grant access from their smartphones from any location, even after the last team member has left the building.  

This is especially useful for businesses with frequent after-hours activities, such as late-night maintenance, cleaning services, or unexpected deliveries. While maintaining overall security, the intercom system ensures that only authorized visitors can gain access after regular business hours.

Ready to Install a Commercial Intercom System? 

A commercial intercom system is an essential piece of security equipment. Not only does it help businesses control visitor entry, but it integrates seamlessly with other business security systems to provide comprehensive coverage of the entire building. More than just a security device, though, intercom systems also add a layer of convenience to the visitor experience while streamlining everyday operations like deliveries. 

Businesses considering an intercom system should partner with an experienced security team to learn more about their options.

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