Restaurant Employees Fire Safety Training (Resource List)

December 27 2019

Restaurant Employees Fire Safety Training (Resource List)

If a grease fire broke out in your restaurant, would your employees know how to use the remote manual pull for your kitchen hood fire suppression system? 

Training employees on how to use commercial kitchen fire suppression systems is almost as important as having fire safety equipment installed in the first place. Ideally, that training should be done directly from the manufacturer, or from a professional fire safety company.   

But what about when you or your employees have quick questions about how to use your kitchen’s equipment? For those situations, we’ve compiled this list of reputable resources about restaurant fire suppression system and how to use them: 

Online kitchen fire suppression system resources 

Online Owner’s Manuals 

Like for a vehicle, the owner’s manual is the most important source of information about specific product features of a commercial kitchen fire suppression system. It’s best to start your research with a reference from the people who designed your fire suppression system.

Commercial kitchens should have a hard copy of their fire suppression system owner’s manual on-site. But if you ever need a quick online reference, here’s where to find manuals for most kitchen fire suppression systems on the market: 

  • Ansul - Ansul maintains a searchable library of documents including manuals, spec sheets, and warranty information.  
  • Amerex - Amerex posts PDFs of product manuals, many of which are available in English and Spanish. 
  • Pyro-Chem - Pyro-Chem provides manuals for products including the Knight II Ⓡ on its product pages.
  • Kidde - Kidde’s database of product support documents is searchable by product model number and product category.  
  • Badger Fire Protection (Range Guard) - Badger’s Range Guard page offers datasheets about each component of the Range Guard wet chemical fire suppression system.

Demonstration Videos 

Printed diagrams can be hard to understand. Sometimes a video that shows a kitchen hood fire suppression system in action can be worth a few thousand words. Here are some good demonstration videos:  

  • Amerex - This Amerex video uses animation to demonstrate the difference between Amerex’s KP appliance specific coverage and the ZD zone defense, as well as how Amerex’s automatic fire detection systems work. 

Resources from Impact Fire  

As a major installer and maintenance provider of kitchen fire suppression systems and kitchen exhaust systems, we have created some of our own kitchen fire safety resources here at Impact Fire. 

  • UL 300 basics - Here is the basic information on everything you need to know about UL 300 standards required by most states and insurance companies. 

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