What is Central Station Monitoring?

April 21 2022

What is Central Station Monitoring?

As a business owner or facility manager, you face millions of dollars in damages due to fires and security-related incidents. Whether it's an intrusion, burglary, or a fire-related emergency, you need a quick and effective way to alert the appropriate personnel when your alarm system activates.

This is where central station monitoring services come into play.

Central station monitoring is vital for any successful fire and life safety plan. When working with a UL-listed central station monitoring partner, you receive around-the-clock coverage of your property, rapid response to any fire or security alert, and the ability to dispatch appropriate authorities immediately.

Before discussing how these essential services benefit commercial and industrial facilities, let's review what central station monitoring services are.

What is a Central Station Monitoring Service?

Central station monitoring is a mission-critical service, helping businesses across industries maintain expensive equipment and respond to critical events such as:

  • Power failure
  • Fire protection system actuation
  • Sub-optimal system performance
  • Break-ins, burglaries, or security breaches

When monitored fire protection or security systems activate, they use standard phone lines (POTS Lines), internet protocol (IP), or cellular transmission to transmit an alert directly to the central station. Once the signal is received, central stations utilize automation software, redundant technology, and qualified operators to quickly assess the cause and immediately contact the appropriate emergency personnel for dispatch.

Most businesses associate central station monitoring with fire protection systems, including fire alarms, fire sprinklers, and special hazard fire suppression systems, but the service also supports security systems such as:

  • Intrusion alarm systems
  • Digital surveillance cameras
  • Access control
  • Internet closed-circuit TV (CCTV)
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Dig Deeper

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In addition to fire and security system monitoring, a quality central monitoring station adds a preventative maintenance component by evaluating alerts that identify sub-optimal system performance. With trained operators closely monitoring system malfunction alerts, businesses can rest assured that their fire and security systems are continuously functioning as intended.

Looking for Assistance?

Looking for Assistance?

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What are the Benefits of Central Station Monitoring?

Various industries utilize and benefit from central station monitoring services, including:

The industrial sector uniquely benefits from central station monitoring. While monitoring isn’t a regulatory requirement, these facilities significantly benefit from 24/7 monitoring as they typically contain expensive equipment, store hazardous materials, and are frequently occupied. Due to this dangerous combination of factors, it becomes clear why industrial facilities need central station monitoring and rapid response of local authorities in the event of an emergency.

Central station monitoring provides a valuable layer of protection, helping businesses prevent property loss, minimize emergency response times, and ensure system functionality. Here are a few other ways central station monitoring benefits commercial and industrial facilities.

Immediate emergency dispatch - Dedicated operators respond to fire or security alerts immediately, notify first responders of the situation, and send them to your location within minutes, ensuring your property remains safe and secure – even when no one is present.

Add a criminal deterrent - Criminals are far less likely to target properties when they know it is monitored 24/7 by a professional UL-listed monitoring company.

Recieve insurance benefits - Many insurance agencies offer discounts to businesses with around-the-clock central station monitoring, which helps reduce operational costs.

Ensure safety and quality - A UL-listed monitoring company guarantees service continuously meets rigorous safety and quality standards.

Reduces false alarms and associated fines - Central station operators verify alarms before notifying the police. Alarm verification helps businesses avoid false alarm fees, ranging from $100 for the first offense and up to thousands of dollars for repeat offenders.

Reduce costs - Qualified operators interpret system trouble signals in real-time and regularly conduct system testing to identify issues before they cause costly system failures, helping businesses reduce maintenance costs.

Conveniently monitor multiple systems simultaneously - Credible central stations combine fire and security monitoring into one integrated service for maximum cost savings and convenience.

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Protect Your Business Premises with Rapid-Response Central Station Monitoring Services

No matter the scale of your business—whether it’s a single commercial location or a network of campuses—every organization needs monitored fire protection and security systems.
When these systems are monitored uniformly, they become safer, easier to use, and more cost-efficient in the long run.

Building owners and facility managers should partner with a UL-listed monitoring company to discuss a combined monitoring solution for their fire and security systems. An effective central station monitoring partner will monitor all of your fire and security systems to ensure rapid first responder deployment when you need it most.

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