Company Benefits For Helping Families Navigate Life Transitions

May 22 2024

Company Benefits For Helping Families Navigate Life Transitions

Life isn’t linear; it comes in cycles, seasons, and waves: in transitions. These life transitions are never simple, often accompanied by additional burdens like financial stress and emotional labor. 

But you’re not walking through these transitions alone. 

This Mental Health Awareness Month, we wanted to highlight some of the systems, processes, resources, and support systems available to you at Impact Fire. 

Employee Support Initiatives 

At Impact Fire, we understand that you are our most valuable resource, and we’re committed to protecting and supporting you in your times of need. 

With tremendous proactive efforts to support mental health and employee well-being, we make the following employee support initiatives available to all new hires and current employees.

1. Mental Health Coverage 

Mental health awareness and support are on the rise, especially in the office. In a new poll from the National Alliance on Mental Illness, 83% of employees stated that mental health and well-being resources are important in creating a positive workplace culture.

At Impact Fire, we agree. 

That’s why mental health and well-being services are covered in any healthcare plan you enroll in. Impact Fire also has an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) that helps individuals and families navigate challenging situations like grief counseling, financial counseling, mental health concerns, and more. 

2. Concierge Counseling 

When it comes to health concerns, whether for you or a loved one, it’s best to have all the information you can before deciding on a course of action. But sometimes, that information can be difficult to procure—hidden in fine print, state laws, and various insurance system processes. 

To address this growing need, Impact Fire partnered with Wellthy, a healthcare support network that helps people organize their personal care needs. 

For example, say your parents are sick and live out of state. Instead of navigating the financial burdens alone, like assessing the type of care they need, insurance, benefit eligibility, and payment options, we offer a concierge counseling service to help you investigate your options and discover paths forward. That way, you can make the best decision for your family. 

3. Access To Medical Expertise 

Impact Fire believes that all of our employees deserve access to superb medical care. 

Regarding important medical decisions or diagnoses, you may want to seek a second opinion. But getting that appointment can be tricky, especially if you’re out of state, the office doesn’t take your insurance, or there is a months-long waiting list. 

Impact Fire partners with Summus to give employees access to top-tier medical experts so you can feel confident in your next steps. 

4. Flexible Bereavement Support

Losing a loved one is emotionally painful. Impact Fire offers a flexible bereavement policy so you can take the time you need to grieve. 

Additionally, employees can use the counseling support and mental health resources network baked into their healthcare plan and EAP to support them during this difficult transition. 

5. Promoting Mental Health Awareness

It’s critical to establish psychological safety in the workplace. One way Impact Fire does this is by educating our leaders on mental health awareness and resources. This way, leaders can be well-versed in the company’s offerings and ensure their team knows what’s available to them and takes advantage of these resources when needed. 

6. Coming Soon: Financial Assistance for Healthcare

Getting the right medical care is expensive, even if you have insurance. Depending on your plan, you likely have copays, deductibles, and other costs that could keep you from opting into a procedure, booking a consultation with a specialist, or renewing a prescription. 

Impact Fire seeks to bridge this gap, so we’re finalizing a partnership with Paytient, which will give you an interest-free line of credit to cover your out-of-pocket medical, dental, vision, pharmacy, mental health, and vet costs. 

We’ll keep you updated as we finalize the offering and roll it out. 

Supporting Impact Fire Families 

Impact Fire aims to enhance the well-being and growth of its employees through innovative programs and accessible healthcare resources. By making a long-term investment in our employee's mental and physical health, we empower them to thrive in their positions and discover their fullest potential.

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