Why I Work at Impact Fire as an Office Manager

September 10 2021

Why I Work at Impact Fire as an Office Manager

Every profitable fire protection company needs a reliable Office Manager to ensure the frictionless implementation of day-to-day operations. From accounting duties to scheduling inspections, a fire and life safety Office Manager wears multiple hats and multi-tasks masterfully to ensure field technicians and other key team members can perform their jobs effectively.

The following excerpts from an interview with one of Impact Fire’s Office Managers, Kathryn, will help you understand why she chose to work at Impact Fire and the unique benefits of starting a fire and life safety career as an Office Manager.

What Does the Office Manager Role Look Like?

Before jumping into why individuals value and work at Impact Fire as Office Managers, let’s take a closer look at the general day-to-day responsibilities of the job. To be successful in this role, an Office Manager in the fire and life safety industry needs to be efficient and comfortable being a member of a team as they will collaborate daily and work directly with the District Manager. Office Managers need to be talented multi-taskers as they’re responsible for maintaining complex schedules and providing continuous administrative support. The ideal candidate for this job is resourceful, reliable, punctual, and always organized.

Additional job responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Oversee all office billing and contract set-up
  • Schedule inspections and support the sales team
  • Answer incoming calls and assume receptionist duties
  • Coordinate with HR on all new hires and terminations, including on-boarding and off-boarding
  • Collaborate with Safety team to ensure OSHA training and office safety requirements are met
  • Coordinate fleet management needs, including vehicle orders, wrapping, repairs, and maintenance with Fleet Manager
  • Generate memos, emails, and reports when appropriate
  • Keep office stocked with general supplies
  • Manage workflows ensuring that deadlines are met and work is completed correctly

3 Reasons to Work at Impact Fire as an Office Manager

At Impact Fire, we pride ourselves on our diverse group of talented and passionate fire and life safety professionals. Kathryn has worked with Impact Fire for 3.5 years and was brand new to the trade when she came on board in January of 2018. We chose to highlight Kathryn’s perspective as her responses and character traits embody our core values.

Here’s why she chose to work as an Office Manager at Impact Fire.

Develop Close Personal Relationships

Who says work can’t be fun and enjoyable? One of the perks of working at Impact Fire as an Office Manager is being at the epicenter of a bustling office environment that promotes collaboration and the development of personal relationships. For Kathryn, the people and relationships she has developed over the years are her favorite thing about working at Impact Fire as an Office Manager. When asked to describe the company culture at Impact Fire, Kathryn had this to say:

“Clan Culture. Impact [Fire] has always felt like a large family. The bonds are strong and although we continue to change daily to improve efficiency and scale up, there are ‘traditions’ that will always exist and root that ever-present family feel.”

Be Inspired and Motivated on a Daily Basis

One of the benefits of being an Office Manager in the fire and life safety industry is the inspiration and motivation generated from accomplishing job responsibilities. Office Managers feel the importance, value, and impact their work has on customers, technicians, and the company as a whole each and every day. Kathryn had this to say about where she draws her motivation from:

“I draw my motivation from our customers and technicians. I love to make people happy, and when I get a customer that calls and thanks us for getting them taken care of, when I get to help a tech with their insurance, or help supply what they need to apply for a home loan, it really does keep me going.”

Receive the Support and Flexibility to Explore Different Career Paths

Office Managers at Impact Fire receive the flexibility and support they need to advance their administrative career or explore new opportunities altogether. Kathryn explains how Impact Fire has supported her transition into a sales position.

“Impact [Fire] has allowed me to leverage my administrative knowledge and understanding of our software, procedures, etc. to now move into a sales role. I believe that understating the administrative side of the business is going to allow my sales career with Impact [Fire] to be a fruitful one.”

Since education and exploration are encouraged, interested employees have access to a growing network of exceptional mentors spanning across the various Impact Fire locations including resources from our parent company AI Fire. Our experienced employees love to take on the role of mentor and take pride in providing exceptional guidance and support.

Start Your Journey as a Fire and Life Safety Office Manager Today

Our goal is to help Office Managers reach their goals. We take pride in providing our dedicated Office Managers the skills needed to ensure they reach their fullest potential. Whether you have transferable skills, prior industry experience, or are looking to start your journey, Impact Fire will give you the support and knowledge you need to go further in your fire and life safety career.

Interested individuals should get in touch with us to learn more about applying for an Office Manager position.

A special thanks to Impact Fire’s employee, Kathryn, for helping us illustrate the benefits of working at Impact Fire as an office manager. We wish you continued success in your inspiring fire and life safety career and journey.

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Impact Fire Team

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