Why You Should Join a Company That Promotes From Within

May 17 2022

Why You Should Join a Company That Promotes From Within

Successful companies, now more than ever, understand the importance of promoting from within. Promoting from within results in dual success for the company and the employee's professional development.

At Impact Fire, we value our diverse group of talented and passionate fire and life safety professionals and recognize our teams’ hard work, talent, and skills. As a result, decision-makers continually prioritize internal hires for promotions. Our commitment to promoting from within provides you, the prospective employee, several valuable benefits.

Top Reasons to Join a Company That Promotes From Within

Here is a thoughtfully curated list of the top reasons you should join a company that prioritizes internal promotion.

1. Added Incentive - Employers that provide opportunities for vertical career growth provide the catalyst for sustained motivation. Since you can be promoted at any time, there is a clear incentive to learn and grow. A company that instills a “sky is the limit” mindset in its employees creates a work environment filled with optimism.

2. Loyalty - Loyalty is a valuable commodity today, with many employers turning to external hires to quickly fill vacant positions. A company that demonstrates loyalty to its workforce will invest in training, mentorship, and continued support to groom top employees for leadership positions instead of turning to external hires that don’t embody the organization, its history, and core values.

3. Accumulate Perks and Benefits - Employees don’t need to search elsewhere for their next promotion when they join a company with ample opportunities for vertical growth. With little temptation to leave, they can accumulate longevity perks and benefits, including 401(k) contributions and incremental increases in Paid Time Off.

4. Team Continuity - Internal hiring reduces employee turnover, making the workplace environment more consistent and less chaotic.

Promoting from Within at Impact Fire

What better way to highlight the benefits of joining a company that promotes from within than to hear from an employee with firsthand experience? Below, Chris Holcomb, District General Manager of Impact Fire’s College Station branch, shares his success story.

While his journey is unique, the outcome illustrates the vertical career growth opportunities every Impact Fire employee has at their disposal. Here is the story of one ambitious employee who capitalized on opportunities to expand his skills and advance his career.

“I was hired in 2009 as a Sprinkler Foreman…and worked for one year until I was asked if I was interested in a Sales position that had become available. Without hesitation, I applied and was hired for the sales position. I continued to apply what I had learned in the field over the years, and with continued support, I became one of the top salesmen in the company.

In 2014 we had a need for a Sprinkler Superintendent, and I agreed to the challenge while also continuing sales. In 2015 I was awarded the Service Sales Gold award for producing the most service sales in the company. I continued in the superintendent role and pulled back from sales to focus on building the sprinkler department for the next couple of years.

In 2016 I received a call asking if I was interested in moving to College Station to become the District General Manager. I was hired for the position and started my new role as District General Manager of College Station in January 2017. I have now been in the General Manager position at College Station for a little over five years and have really enjoyed building the excellent team we have here. I recently began traveling with our M&A group and working with the teams of our recent acquisitions.

Now in a leadership role, Chris continues to invest in internal candidates and has this to say about the opportunities for advancement and career growth at Impact Fire:

“We have always been a company that promotes within and recognizes the hard work, talent, and skills of our teams. As a leader in the company, nothing excites me more than promoting within the operation. We believe in providing proper training from NICET to different apprenticeship programs, to name a few. I feel that the training we offer, if taken advantage of, provides a path for growth within the organization. Employees who take the initiative to accept new responsibilities and challenges can grow their careers with us.”

Kickstart Your Fire Protection Career at a Company that Promotes from Within

Promoting from within isn’t a catchy buzzword to persuade applicants. It’s a significant component of our inclusive company culture. It demonstrates our long-term commitment to invest in you, the employee, and provide the support and knowledge you need to go further in your career.

Interested in joining the Impact Fire team? Get in touch with us to learn more about starting your fire and life safety career at a company that delivers competitive benefits, career development opportunities, and industry-leading support.

A special thanks to Impact Fire’s employee, Chris Holcomb, District General Manager of College Station, for helping us illustrate the benefits of joining a company that promotes from within. We wish you continued success in your inspiring fire and life safety career.

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