What is an Intrusion Alarm System?

June 13 2023

What is an Intrusion Alarm System?

An intrusion alarm system — also known as a burglar alarm system — is an important security measure that can protect your business from unwanted intruders, theft, vandalism, and property damage.

Let's examine how an intrusion alarm system operates, its critical components, and the benefits it offers.

How Does an Intrusion Alarm Work?

An intrusion alarm system is a type of business security system designed to detect and alert the user of an attempted or actual unauthorized entry inside and outside of a property. The system uses various detectors to recognize environmental changes, such as opening doors or windows, movement within an area, or even broken glass.

Once these changes are detected, the alarm system will issue an alert that can be sent either directly to the user or to a central monitoring station. This way, users can rest assured that their property is monitored and protected from any potential intrusion.

Intrusion alarms can also effortlessly integrate with existing security devices to create a holistic security solution, collectively ensuring sufficient onsite security. Some examples include:

Key Components of an Intrusion Alarm System

Intrusion alarm systems use advanced technologies and various sensors to detect motion, sound, temperature changes, and broken glass. Understanding the purpose and function of each component will help when selecting the right security system for your business's needs. Here are a few key components:

Control Panel – Acts as the "brain" of the system, where all of the information from the sensors is analyzed and transmitted. It also allows the user to adjust settings and monitor activity. Most devices on an intrusion system can connect to the control panel using either wired or wireless communication.

Alarm Keypad – Enables authorized personnel to arm and disarm the system by inputting a password or code.

Signaling Devices – An audible or visual signal that alerts building occupants of a potential security breach. It can be triggered by a sensor or manually activated by the user.

Motion Detection – Sensors that detect movement and trigger an alarm if someone enters a designated area. This feature can help prevent unauthorized access to your building.

Glass Break Sensors – Identifies sound waves emitted when glass is broken, detecting potential intrusions through accessible windows or glass doors.

Door and Window Contacts – These magnetic sensors trigger an alarm when a door or window has been opened without permission.

System Interruption Sensors – Monitors system connectivity and performance, detecting if communication or power between sensors, control panel, and other operating devices is lost.

Monitoring Services – Many systems offer monitoring services for an additional fee. These services can include 24/7 monitoring of your system, as well as notifications and emergency dispatch if an alarm is triggered.

Top Benefits of an Intrusion Alarm System

Commercial intrusion alarms provide immense peace of mind and protection for your property during and after business hours. With the right system, you’ll enjoy the following benefits:

Enhanced Security - Intrusion alarms are designed to alert the user or authorities immediately when they detect an unauthorized presence. This quick response can help prevent property damage and ensure the safety of anyone present at the time of intrusion.

Decreased Insurance Premiums - Insurance providers are more likely to reduce premiums for businesses with a commercial intrusion alarm system in place as they consider these facilities to be at a lower level of risk.

Deterrent Effect - An intrusion alarm can be a visual deterrent to potential intruders and increase the likelihood that they will move on to an easier target. Criminals often seek to avoid advanced security systems as they increase their likelihood of being detected or caught.

Remote Monitoring - Many modern intrusion alarm systems incorporate remote monitoring systems, which allow business owners to monitor their premises through web-enabled devices such as smartphones and computers. This enables them to view live feeds, receive alerts, and respond quickly to any security breaches, adding an extra layer of convenience and protection.

Ready to Install a Commercial Intrusion Alarm at Your Facility?

Intrusion alarm systems provide several key benefits for businesses, such as increased safety for building occupants, faster response times to breaches, and lower insurance premiums. By investing in an intrusion alarm system, you are taking a proactive approach toward the safety and security of your property.

Businesses interested in intrusion alarms should partner with experienced security system integrators for solution implementation. Impact Fire security experts will design, install, and manage a solution tailored to your security needs. Our UL-listed central station provides 24/7 monitoring of security alarm signals to ensure emergencies are immediately addressed, even when no one is present.

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